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If someone needs their coronary artery blood flow or exercise tolerance improved right now," says LaRosa, "then you have to do something to open up their blood vessels right now with angioplasty or bypass surgery.
Still, the number of Americans receiving bypass surgery doubled during the 1980s to 265,000 in 1991.
Privately insured HMO patients in California who underwent heart bypass surgery were more likely to be directed to hospitals with lower-man-expected death rates for the operation than were non-HMO patients.
The rate of 30-day mortality after gastric bypass surgery was 3.
The company recently broadened the technology it offers cardiac surgeons with the first launch of its new sutureless connector devices for coronary bypass surgery - the Symmetry(TM) Bypass System Aortic Connector - which could dramatically simplify and change the nature of bypass surgery.
More than 450,000 Americans undergo bypass surgery each year--heart disease is the nation's leading killer.
Tufts Health is among several insurers that currently cover gastric bypass surgery for those patients in which the surgery is deemed medically necessary.
Patchen Dellinger of the University of Washington in Seattle used Washington state hospital discharge data to track outcomes in 3,328 patients who underwent gastric bypass surgery for obesity/between 1987 and 2001, comparing them with obese patients who were hospitalized during that period but did not undergo gastric bypass.
NEW YORK, March 16, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Newer drug-coated stents that keep arteries open have similar long-term rates of death compared with traditional bypass surgery for patients with more than one diseased coronary artery.
Washington, Sept 13 ( ANI ): A new study by Indian origin researcher has suggested that diabetic people have a 30 percent less chance of dying if they undergo coronary artery bypass surgery rather than opening the artery through angioplasty and inserting a stent.
A beefed-up chunk of intestines might account for the rapid diabetes-improving effects of gastric bypass surgery.