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Other articles approved an alteration to West Street near the new Auburn Middle School and amended the zoning bylaws so that associate members can sit on the Board of Appeals when needed.
14, 2014), an Oregon court refused to enforce a forum selection bylaw adopted at the same time as the merger agreement being challenged by stockholders because of "the closeness of the timing of the bylaw amendment to the board's alleged wrongdoing, coupled with the fact that the board enacted the bylaw in anticipation of this exact lawsuit.
Nearly a decade ago, work began on examining the WILPF US bylaws and reconciling conflicts.
On behalf of the National Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses, this letter provides notice to all members of the proposed revision to the association's current constitution and bylaws and the changes under the new Canada Not-For-Profit Act.
The changes are a result of a controversy over a complaint by the Bailey family which protested that the Choi family had inscribed the back of the late Byung Soon Choi's headstone with Korean religious symbols, counter to Brant's cemetery bylaw.
The bylaws will be applicable for the government units which apply the Civil Service Law and the employees affiliated to those units.
The current bylaws can be found on the ONS Web site, and the proposed modernized bylaws can be found online in conjunction with the November issue of ONS Connect at www.
They would have to quash the bylaw, possibly arguing the case in front of the Ontario Superior Court.
However, in recent CalCPA history, there has only been one bylaw change initiated by the membership--a proposal to make AICPA Council appointments more open.
4 of the bylaws shall be submitted to the professional ethics division, which in turn may refer the complaint for investigation and recommendation to an ethics committee (or its equivalent) of a state society of certified public accountants that has made an agreement with the Institute of the type authorized in section 7.
This new bylaw gives the education division an earlier look at cases where the state society has found violations.
The governing Council adopted changes to its resolutions under the bylaws to implement the bylaw amendments approved by the members, which became effective upon the adoption of the proposals by the members.