butanoic acid

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bu·ta·no·ic ac·id

(byū'tă-nō'ik as'id),
Systematic name for normal n-butyric acid.

butanoic acid


butanoic acid

butyric acid

An oily carboxylic acid which smells like rancid butter, has an acrid taste and a sweetish aftertaste, like ether. It is present in rancid butter, parmesan cheese and vomit, and is produced in anaerobic fermentation by bacteria in the colon and axilla (resulting in body odour). It is used as a flavourant, perfume additive and cattle-feed supplement.

Fringe oncology
It is believed to have anticarcinogenic activity, especially the derivative, sodium butyrate.
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Meanwhile, beta-damascenone, dimethyltrisulfide, methional, octalactone, butanoic acid and 3-/2-methylbutanoic acid were identified as potent odorants in dairy yogurt.