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noun Osculation
verb To touch or caress with the lips as an expression of affection, greeting, respect, or amorousness
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HARD WORK AND LUCK "I've worked hard and been lucky," Buss told the Los Angeles Times.
Buss brought a mom-and-pop style ownership to the city, as the players and employees of the club were treated as an extended family.
NBA superstars Karl Malone and Scottie Pippen along with the 1960 and 1992 United States men's Olympic teams joined Buss in the 2010 enshrinement class.
From a marketing standpoint, "There's a huge opportunity for us in each of these areas to coordinate our regional marketing efforts," Buss said.
Buss D and Schmitt D, Sexual strategies theory: an evolutionary perspective on human mating, Psychological Review, 1993, 100(2):204232.
While 2005 is predicted to be another good year for the housing sector, Buss does not expect another record-setting year.
Although no one had seen Christopher die, there were people who said they had seen the boy with Buss by the river.
As Air Boss, Vice Admiral Buss was intimately involved with the Fleet Week Coronado Speed Festival on Naval Air Station North Island, as well as one of that event's most popular attractions, the Military Pit Crew Challenge," says Brian Sack, Executive Director of Fleet Week San Diego.
Buss & Allan is also introducing new ties for Security and Concierge in these buildings, announced Jennifer Busch, the chief executive officer.
Jeanie Buss announced the engagement to Jackson on Thursday via Twitter.
Like all gamblers, we feel like we're on a run," Buss said Sunday afternoon during his annual question-and-answer session with Lakers beat reporters.