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Brief episodes of upper extremity burning, dysesthesias, and weakness experienced mainly by young male athletes engaged in contact sports (for example, football and wrestling); due to transient injury to the upper trunk of the brachial plexus caused by abrupt, forceful depression of the shoulder.
See also: burner syndrome.
Synonym(s): stingers
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They just have to suggest the size of the jet of the burner and mixture of gas with air.
Caption: THIRD: Both burners were raised since they are manufactured as one piece.
Furnished with Vortex Premium Brass Burners with Cast Iron Pan Support, a full stainless steel body, and a tempered glass design, this table top cooker from Tecnogas is also equipped with the Direct Vortex Blue Flame that maximizes gas efficiency and durability.
A WOMAN sparked a blaze after following a YouTube craze by pouring fabric softener balls into an aromatherapy oil burner to enhance the smell.
Now Anonymous suggests perhaps if I had not lit my wood burner, things would be different.
Burner management technology is a concept whose time has truly arrived.
Used in nearly 50% of the ovens it manufactures, gas - both natural and propane - is a key energy source used by RDM Industrial Services and Lanemark burner systems have been the preferred choice for numerous installations.
12 -- Forbes Marshall has received the Most Innovative Energy Saving Product Award 2010 from CII for its ECR Burner System on 2nd September 2010.
To see if the problem is the burner, exchange the burner with one that you know works (Photo 1).
Table 1 illustrates the yield and bulk density for the natural and forced air flow burners.
Even for burners that are operating within their guaranteed emissions, the technician doing the boiler tuneup should maintain an "excess air cushion" to accommodate higher ambient temperatures, variations in fuel pressure, and other unexpected changes that affect burner stoichiometry.
That will make it easier for the burners to fire up next time.