Burn Rate

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A popular term for the rate at which a non-income-producing company consumes the funds invested in it by venture capitalists
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For slower burn rate propellants like IMR 4227, H110, W296, and LiT Gun, the start charge in both sources is only 5 percent less than the max recommend load.
Whereas a specified charge of slow burn rate powder will usually fill or almost fill a .
We had previously heard the burn rate for Project Pachyderm was approximately $700,000 per day, but we didn't want to sidetrack the discussion since the meeting was already hours longer than originally planned.
Assuming work is performed every day of the year, we calculated a burn rate over $800,000 per day ($600 million divided by 730 days equals $822,000 per day).
Excess cash burn rate is often the benchmark to determine whether the dot-com has assets available to pay for the credit sale.
Given the VCs' reluctance to provide additional financing to a dot-com, the credit professional must analyze the excess cash burn rate more closely than ever.
Our findings show that share prices still bear little relationship to traditional business fundamentals such as sales, profit margins or burn rates.
IMR 4831 and H4831 share similar monikers, but the IMR version typically exhibits a much faster burn rate than the Hodgdon variety.
Some companies with short burn rates have strong share price performances.