Burn Rate

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A popular term for the rate at which a non-income-producing company consumes the funds invested in it by venture capitalists
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Because as long as we've got high-ranking government people looking at $700,000-per-day burn rates as "small" and "not a lot of money," we're going to continue having enormous expenditures and low expectations for delivery ('cause hey, we didn't really give them very much money, so we can't really expect them to deliver very much, right?
ISS is also fine- tuning previous policies related to majority voting for director elections, stock option burn rates and overboarding on the part of CEO directors.
We leveraged CAE and analytical modeling of things like burn rates and NVH more on this engine than on any previous development," says Szczupak, "and the prototypes have werified the models completely.
Combining varied hybrid-rocket research may yield even better burn rates, says Chiaverini, who hopes to test Orbitec's double-vortex system on the Stanford paraffin.
On the whole, the improving burn rates indicate that management teams are focusing not only on cash management, but also on bringing forward their break-even points to take control of their own destinies.
Faster burn rates are used in pistols and slower ones for heavy bullets in big rifles.
CDKnet is currently actively seeking opportunities to finance companies with well developed, comprehensive business plans that reflect high growth potential and low burn rates.