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Aline Giono, quoted in Kerr, Conversations with the Bunyip, 8.
Only the Bunyip is gloomy - indeed, he's MAD and he's MEAN, he declares, and he doesn't like Christmas
But winds forecast for Saturday could push the Bunyip fire towards a major gas plant and reservoir which supplies Melbourne with water.
FIRESTORM: An emergency vehicle races away from a blaze in the Gippsland region of Victoria; FURY: Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and, right, a fire truck in front of burning Bunyip Sate Forest, west of Melbourne
A fire truck near the bushfire in the Bunyip Sate Forest near of Tonimbuk 78 miles west of Melbourne
Thus, Oz's first new wave of home-grown enterprise was mostly sexploitative, encompassing the likes of "The Naked Bunyip," "Australia After Dark" and "The ABC of Love and Sex: Australia Style.
Other major fires were in the vicinity of Churchill, Beechworth, Bendigo, Redesdale, the Bunyip State Forest, Horsham, Coleraine, Heidelberg, Wilson's Promontory and the Dandenong Ranges.
54) 'They are not statistics to us,' wrote one family in a letter to the Gawler Bunyip in South Australia.
Afterwards, when Gunn was apologetic that he might not always have been properly respectful to the representative of royalty, La Trobe, describing himself as having been 'the lighthearted harum scarum individual trotting by your side', told him: 'I owe you thanks that your character & humour was such as to encourage me to unbutton & unlace without restraint, whenever my humour prompted"'2 Over the years Gunn sent produce from his garden near Launceston to the La Trobes at Jolimont, and the two men corresponded on such matters as the possibility that the bunyip actually existed.
45 In which country was the thankfully mythical bunyip once feared?
These include Bunyip Dreaming (1990), which Thoms credits with 'a collection of spectacular wave shots that sits at the pinnacle of the seascape genre begun over a century before', (12) and the award-winning Billabong Challenge #1 Mystery Left (1995).
In Victoria, it was a waterhole and a bunyip (Dawson 1981:99); at Oenpelli, a great plum tree; and on Groote Eylandt, the final resting place of the spirit of the rock-cod (Mountford 1956:487).