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The 3 segmented RNAs of Bunyamwera virus were used as outgroups to root the trees.
harbored a previously unidentified member of the Bunyamwera virus group.
The largest genus in the family Bunyaviridae, the genus Orthobunyavirus was originally named Bunyavirus, for the type species Bunyamwera virus, first isolated in 1943 from the eponymous town in western Uganda.
Ngari virus is a Bunyamwera virus reassortant that can be associated with large outbreaks of hemorrhagic fever in Africa.
Sequence analysis showed that NRIV is a reassortant between Bunyamwera virus (BUNV) and Batai virus (BATV), both from the genus Orthobunyavirus.
Serum specimens were tested for immunoglobulin M (IgM) and IgG antibodies specific for DENV, West Nile virus (WNV), Wesselsbron virus, Rift Valley fever virus, Bunyamwera virus, and CHIKV by IgM-antibody capture (MAC-ELISA) and IgG sandwich ELISA, respectively (11).
The first sample (November 3, 2004) contained no antibodies (OD ratio <2) to dengue viruses, West Nile virus, Wesselsbron virus, Rift Valley fever virus, Bunyamwera virus, or Chikungunya virus (CHIKV).
Moreover, IF tests were negative when antibody to West Nile virus, Toscana virus, Bunyamwera virus, alphaviruses, phleboviruses and California serogroup viruses was used.