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Drug slang
A regional street term defined as either:
(1) Fake cocaine, or
(2) Crack cocaine.

Vox populi
Nonsense; as in, “That’s a load of bunk.”

bunk, bunker

large storage bin.

bunk forage
forage, usually ensilage stored in a large storage bunk and made available to cattle or other livestock along a face of the storage.
References in classic literature ?
Then the harpooner faded away into his bunk, and I was left alone, unthrown, on the field of battle.
She saw only a man sitting on the edge of the bunk and incuriously studying the toes of his moccasins.
Hairpins," she replied, passing on and rummaging in a clothes-bag on the bunk.
He had stretched out on his bunk to rest, lying on his side, his head on his arm.
That night, when I had finished an endless amount of work, I was sent to sleep in the steerage, where I made up a spare bunk.
As I sat in my bunk examining it (the six hunters were all in the steerage, smoking and talking in loud voices), Henderson took a passing glance at it.
After a quick look around the room and a sniff of the bunk and under the bunk which informed him that Jerry was not present, Michael turned his attention to Kwaque.
He's gone off his food again," Matt remarked from his bunk.
There was a grunt from Weedon Scott's bunk, and a stir of blankets.
Slowly and steadily it rose, and slowly and steadily rose the swaddled head of the old man in the bunk to observe it.
In the early days of the following spring a party of miners on their way to new diggings passed along the Gulch, and straying through the deserted shanties found in one of them the body of Hiram Beeson, stretched upon a bunk, with a bullet hole through the heart.
He was sitting up in his bunk, his body looking immensely long, his head drooping a little sideways, with affected complacency.