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Drug slang
A regional street term defined as either:
(1) Fake cocaine, or
(2) Crack cocaine.

Vox populi
Nonsense; as in, “That’s a load of bunk.”

bunk, bunker

large storage bin.

bunk forage
forage, usually ensilage stored in a large storage bunk and made available to cattle or other livestock along a face of the storage.
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Sources said that Jennifer, who was travelling with her husband, wanted to sleep during the five- and- a- half hours flight and demanded that the bunk be provided to her.
Another Indian worker from Kerala who fell from his bunk bed in a shared room in Satwa succumbed to his spinal injuries, leaving behind his wife and three-year-old daughter.
enough to buy toys He had made child-sized bunk beds.
The rooms will have two single beds or a bunk bed in each room and will "provide a range of benefits to its occupants," a spokesman said.
Gerry Cooper, a prisoner at Bullingdon jail in Oxfordshire, launched a negligence claim after allegedly cutting his head in a night-time tumble from the top bunk.
The Sunday Mail told last year how petty crook Andrew Halliday launched legal action after he fell from his bunk bed in Kilmarnock.
Thirty bunks nearest the oven constituted the so-called maternity ward.
The bunks were coffin-sized and usually to save money we'd just sleep in the bus instead of getting hotel rooms.
Multi-Modal Wood Bunks for Small Diameter Roundwood enable efficient transport of wood from forest thinning programs and provides labor-efficient handling of smallwood at community-based forest product firms.
Bunks with dark gray blankets and neatly folded white sheets lined the right and left walls, and formed a double line down the center.
During high winds or storms, the water level rose in the dugouts, immersing the lower bunk in water, thus "senior" personnel commandeered the upper bunks.
The astronauts slept in four sound-proofed bunks, with one member of each team sharing a bunk with one of the opposite team.