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bunk, bunker

large storage bin.

bunk forage
forage, usually ensilage stored in a large storage bunk and made available to cattle or other livestock along a face of the storage.
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THE SPECTACLES (HOLE 5): So called due to the perfectly circular bunkers positioned either side of the approach to the green.
Ponds abutting the fifth, ninth and 10th greens also have waterfalls, and bright white sand fills all the bunkers, which now play flatter because of a new, course-wide drainage system.
It looks at a wide range of Cold War facilities, including air bases, missile sites such as Greenham Common, command centres and bunkers above and below ground.
The TV pundit was testing the world's first golf bunker using recycled glass,instead of sand.
PAR FOURA tough two-shot hole under any circumstances to win The Open, with the drive to a narrow landing area with two bunkers left and one right to be avoided.
The green is kidney-shaped and has bunkers front right and back left, and runs from the back to the front.
The positive areas of Stan's bunker play Due to the work we have done over the past three lessons, Stan's set-up and alignment are really starting to become consistent.
With two large strategically placed bunkers on either edge of the fairway, again precision off the tee is vital, while a contoured green means the ball is likely to run on and on.
8 million tonnes of bunker fuel oil and achieved revenue of HK$5,445 million, which accounted for 99.
A previously flat green surround is transformed with new mounding and contouring and the addition of a bunker, front right, puts a premium on approach shot accuracy.
FOR great food and a lively atmosphere, Bath Street's sumptuous downstairs bar and restaurant Bunker is the ideal place to eat, drink, relax and party.