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a term used to describe a variety of papulonodular dermatoses in horses, including 'heat bumps', 'feed bumps', 'protein bumps', 'wheat bumps' and others. No specific disease or etiology has been assigned to the term and veterinary dermatologists wish it would disappear from use.

Patient discussion about bumps

Q. Can scabies be on the face? About a week ago, several bumps, red and itchy, appeared on my face. I have had scabies on other parts of my body and although it feels quite similar, it doesn’t really look the same. Can it be scabies? Is it other thing?

A. If you indeed have scabies on your face, it may come from two sources: either from your scalp, where it hides when you treat the rest of your body, or your pillow. First you should be sure it's scabies (have you seen a doctor?) If it's scabies, try to wash all your pillows and change them, and then treat your face.

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