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The Gracie family, according to Rener Gracie, "has been bullyproofing men, women and children for 85 years.
Bullyproofing Strategies That Work For Campers: Teach Them Skills for a Lifetime
For example, the BullyProofing Your School Program (Garrity, Jens, Porter, Sager, & Short-Camilli, 1994) incorporates classroom intervention strategies aimed to increase students' sense of empathy toward victims and teach strategies that students can use to intervene when they see classmates being victimized.
Kidproof offers a full range of safety classes for children ranging from ages 4 to 14 including CyperSafe Internet Safety, Bullyproofing, Babysitters Training, At Home Alone, SafeKids, Safe Sport, Never Bee Lost, and many more.