bullet wound

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bullet wound

A penetrating wound caused by a missile discharged from a firearm. The extent of injury depends on the wound site and the speed and character of the bullet. gunshot wound


Tetanus booster injection or tetanus immune globulin and antibiotics, if indicated, should be given. An appropriate bandage should be applied. Emergency surgery may be necessary. Complications, including hemorrhage and shock, should be treated.

See also: wound
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Pte Sean Benton, 20, from Hastings, East Sussex, was found dead with bullet wounds at the barracks in June 1995, just months before Pte James's death.
But the important thing is that there was no bullet wound, no trauma," Mr Grey said.
Further, Spangler said he smothered his son with a pillow after shooting him because the bullet wound was not lethal.
Here are the key events in their campaign: L June 1995 - Private Sean Benton, from Hastings, East Sussex, was found dead at the Princess Royal Barracks, Deepcut, with five bullet wounds to his chest.
My mother called 911, and suddenly a fireman was there and said it was a bullet wound.
Rosalinda Escueta-Martinez, 37, had a bullet wound in her arm, while her husband, Ronaldo Martinez, 37, had bullet wounds in his stomach, chest, and arm.
There was a close-range bullet wound on the left side of his head, and blood stains showed another bullet wound to his thorax.
Abdullah Lacheeb, who has serious injuries to his pelvis and stomach and a bullet wound in his leg, cried as he said: "Look what Gadhafi and his sons have done, just because we protested peacefully.
HIT: X-ray showing bullet; ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT: President Chen Shui-bian puts his thumb up to crowds yesterday as a blood stain spreads from a bullet wound in his stomach; SHOT: 11cm bullet wound
While on duty at the base he was found with a single bullet wound to the head just hours after cheerfully chatting with his mother.
McGartland said it would be months before he was fully recovered and pointed to one bullet wound which he claimed if it had been "a few inches either way, I'd have been dead".
Dr Jamali said that Akbar received bullet wound to his head while Ms Fatima on her left arm but she was stated to be out of danger.