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a medium-sized (40-55 lb), thickset dog with very characteristic build and appearance. The head, with a very short face, neck and forequarters, are massive in proportion to the rest of the body and the legs are relatively short. The tail is naturally short. The breed is predisposed to cleft lip and palate, hemivertebra, hydrocephalus, congenital heart defects, spina bifida and upper respiratory structural abnormalities. Called also British bulldog. See also french bulldog.

American Bulldog
a larger dog with longer legs and longer nose than the (British) bulldog. It is said to resemble more closely the earlier version of that breed, as it was when brought to the Americas in colonial times.


see nose lead.
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In January 2007, the Massachusetts Securities Division brought enforcement proceedings against Goldstein and his Bulldog funds to stop them from illegally soliciting investors.
We believe this type of channels sales model has proven to be highly successful for other technology companies in the cellular and network industries, and we believe it is the right fit for Bulldog.
Two years ago, Fresno State stunned three top-25 teams to open the season - Colorado, Oregon State and Wisconsin - and by mid-October, the Bulldogs were ranked No.
Bulldog provides clients such as Dell, BMC Software and Hoover's (a D&B company) with strategic planning, development and implementation of turnkey lead-generation campaigns.
Bulldog also intends to announce the outcome of two FBI sting operations in the near future.
During the seven years that Bulldog has invested in the development of its products, the Company has worked closely with operators of container ports, trucking companies and manufacturing companies.
The Bulldog MiniBOSS(TM) is a cellular-based true-AGPS covert asset recovery device.
He didn't get just any bulldog - he's a very, very rare blue and white pure-bred AKC Shrinkabull english bulldog puppy male with blue/green eyes with a "hidden blue Mickey" on his side.
Manelski says that as an independent company, BullDog Productions will be able to enhance its energy and focus to provide the highest quality imaging products to a broader market of wide-format printers who seek to produce high-quality art, murals and photographic imagery.
Beginning on 3 April, Bulldog CDs are available in over 300 Tesco stores in the UK, providing the consumers with all they need to purchase and configure Bulldog's broadband services.
Its flagship newsletter, Bulldog Reporter, founded in 1979, began an Eastern Edition in 1990.