[bul´bus] (pl. bul´bi) (L.)
bulbus o´culi eyeball.


Plural of bulbus.


Plural of bulbus.
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In the 'highly commended' category, the judging panel selected images that included a vitreous haemorrhage, gyrate atrophy, corneal opacification with neovascularistion, phthisis bulbi, and central serous retinopathy.
5 BAEA Hatch-year eagle presented to the TCSVM Wildlife Clinic with severe malnutrition and phthisis bulbi of the right eye with mucoid discharge.
la parete si dilata e non vede i bulbi premuti,coperti di terra
In conclusion, Yanoff et al (3) reported that all the lesions were a "non-neoplastic tissue response to retinal injury," that may develop in association with congenital malformations, trauma, vascular disorders, and chronic inflammatory conditions resulting in atrophic phthisis bulbi.
Four children had ocular prostheses (three bilateral and one unilateral) following enucleation bulbi, with one bilateral enucleation bulbi resulting from a war-related injury.
The prosoma, chelicerae and bulbi of selected males were removed, placed on a stub, coated with gold and examined using a scanning electron microscope JEOL JSM 6400.
Patients with the polyostotic form generally present with numerous head and neck symptoms, such as a loss of hearing, recurrent sinusitis, nasal obstruction, protrusio bulbi, or compression of the optic nerve, which can lead to blindness.
This weak muscle has been ignored by the oculomotor community as a vestigial retractor bulbi.
With regard to the causes of blindness, traumatic and infectious corneal diseases leading to eventual staphyloma and phthisis bulbi were the major causes (47.
Table 1 Classification of corneal degenerations Involutional Non-involutional Corneal arcus Band keratopathy Farinata Salzmann's nodular degeneration Furrow degeneration Spheroidal degeneration Crocodile Shagreen Terrien's marginal degeneration Table 2 Local and systemic causes of band keratopathy Local Systemic Chronic uveitis Hyperparathyroidism Intraocular silicone oil Renal failure Interstitial keratitis Excessive vitamin D intake Topical medications (phosphate containing) Sarcoidosis Juvenile dopathic arthritis Milk-alkali syndrome with uveitis Phthisis bulbi Hypophosphatasia
Complications include secondary cataract, iris rubeosis, uveitis, secondary glaucoma and, eventually, phthisis bulbi.