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n a solution used to remove some silver from the image on a radiograph and thereby produce a less intense image; an oxidizing agent used to remove excess density.

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Q. how can i reduce my blood pressure?

A. The main steps in lowering high blood pressure is to take some very important changes in lifestyle- consuming much less salt in food, losing weight and exercising regulary. If this doesn't help (and usually it doesn't help mainly when people don't try hard enought and make an effort), medications can be added to control the blood pressure.

Q. top tratments to reduce arthritis pain

A. here is an "arthritis pain center" could help you alot! it sure helped me:

Q. I am trying my best to reduce my habit towards drugs. I am trying my best to reduce my habit towards drugs. I got many advices to stay away from hard drugs. What's the difference between 'hard' and 'soft' drugs?

A. No difference

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However, the president of the regional congress of the Ngabe Bugle indigenous group Toribio Garcia announced in late February that he would not join the talks and said that the community's opposition to the dam was "not negotiable.
All mature bulls bugle on some level, but in the big picture, some are more useful to the bowhunter than others.
An historic army bugle played by Marsdener Harry Beardsall, who was killed aged 22 leading troops on to the battlefield at Somme, was used to pipe out the sombre notes of the Last Post.
Bugle Rock Park is surrounded by several colleges, including girls' colleges.
Bugle Boy is by award-winning English playwright Den Stevenson who traces the life of Miller - from leaving college to play in various bands, including his own as he searches tirelessly for more than 20 years, with the constant support and love of his wife Helen, for a unique band sound.
DASECA Productions recording artist Bugle is that voice.
A BUDDING musician has a little piece of history to call her own after her grandmother found a bugle that had been used during the Boer War in a Coventry charity shop.
THE bugle which signalled the catastrophic Charge of the Light Brigade has turned up on Antiques Roadshow.
STEP back to the days of the Big Band sound with Bugle Boy - The Life Story of Glenn Miller which is at Darlington's Civic Theatre from Tuesday until Saturday, August 3.
J, following a rare October snowstorm (AP /Julio Cortez) BRITAIN The bugle heard by British cavalrymen as they thundered into Russian gunfire during the Charge of the Light Brigade is to be sounded once again.
London, November 1 (ANI): The bugle that announced the Charge of the Light Brigade is to be taken out of the museum and played once again.