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The decision to create a buffer stock of pulses to deal with wide fluctuation in prices is an important step for checking food inflation.
The region needs to be prepared by building up strategic food reserves and buffer stocks.
The main components of the food security system in India are promoting domestic production to meet the demands of the growing population as also to reduce under-nutrition among quite a large section of the population; providing minimum support prices for procurement and storage of food items operating public distribution system; and maintaining buffer stocks so as to take care of natural calamities resulting in temporary shortage of food, and to act as a countervailing mechanism against traders and businessmen who try to push up prices, especially during periods of shortages of food.
336) proposed, "When there is an excess supply of a commodity, a buffer stock shall be built up by paying a price higher than the prevailing market price (2.
Carroll, "Theoretical Foundations of Buffer Stock Saving," NBER Working Paper No.
Following a visit to the plant in France where compatibility between IT systems was checked, Kingswinford-based FDB Distribution was selected to set up a buffer stock to provide warehousing, logistics fulfilment and distribution.
The robots are extremely versatile, capable of handling various layouts from single pallet systems to random buffer stock systems with multiple product, and multiple pallet with moving robot systems.
In addition, most large companies see the potential to squeeze a huge amount of costs out of the supply chain, which is traditionally marked by redundant activities, paperwork, handoffs, large buffer stock, and other inefficiencies, "What do you get out of business-to-business [connections]?
Following a renegotiation of the agreement in 1993, it was decided to run down the buffer stock and as at September, it stood at around 25,000 tonnes.
These stylized facts imply that either the production-smoothing, buffer stock model is incorrect,(1) or there are other factors that prevent empirical confirmation of the smoothing effect.
that is to say, it denotes~ the average or target value of an inventory, of a buffer stock, of cash balances.