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The swelling study of polymer Sh-AA-MBA was carried out at constant temperature (37[degrees]C) using buffer solutions of pH 2.
The obtained solution was centrifuged at 15 294g for25min at 4 [degrees]C, after which the supernatant was discarded and 1 mL storage buffer solution 2 was added to the AuNP conjugate to be resuspended.
Different aliquots of sample solutions are treated with 5 mL of buffer solution of pH 4.
0 -- BcBS = bicarbonate buffer solution; DEABS = diethanolamine buffer solution; and MEABS = methylaminoethanol buffer solution.
A test of pH during soaking of intact cupules found that the pH of the buffer solution and buffered G[A.
Coates selected the Rena 600 Fluid Pump for its reliability, electrically isolated and metal-free fluid path, and resistance to the salty buffer solution.
Incubation in hydrogen peroxide for 5 minutes, followed by a rinse in buffer solution.
Besides the pH electrode, a temperature probe and buffer solution are available as options.
Cells harvested at the desired periods of growth were centrifuged at 15,000 x g for 10 min, chilled, and washed with 100 mM Tris-HCl buffer solution (pH 7.
Germination conditions were the same as those used to determine the effect of temperature on germination, except that seeds were incubated on sterile filter paper moistened with 4 mL of sterile buffer solution instead of water.
Medical grade polysulfone HFC-39 couplings are a cost-effective replacement for expensive, heavy staniless steel connectors or fittings in applications such as harvest and collection, buffer solution, bioprocessing lines and more.
The first reactor received the same volume of a disinfectant demand-free buffer solution with no disinfectant.