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Water buffalo have a digestive system that permits them to graze on lower-grade pasture than cattle.
Last year, the Denver Buffalo Company, by then the largest producer of buffalo meat in the United States, purchased game meat dealer Game Colorado, and changed its corporate name to New West Foods.
Kathy Crohn of Buffalo has two adult sons involved in Promise Keepers and says she's "fine" with the group being men-only.
Buffalo Creek residents went without running water from several days to several weeks, depending on where they were located on the delivery system.
Croix tribal members who have led the charge against the Buffalo Brothers, take a positive view of Indian gaming.
In addition to distributing Buffalo Lager to Minneapolis bars, Buffalo Brewing Co.
Perfect with a cold beverage, Buffalo Nuts[R] are peanuts with a kick of zesty buffalo wing flavor.
Labatt privately funded the project, which also included design, production and installation support from local Buffalo vendors.
In the mist of war, people are thinking about honor and valor and courage and there's no better example you can have of that than buffalo soldiers,'' said Paul J.
Most popular in its burger form, buffalo is also chopped up into stew meat, sirloin butt, steaks and the formidable-sounding "buffalo steamship cafeteria round.
That's the theory behind Buffalo Wild Wings' new integrated advertising campaign, which launched Sept.
Buffalo Americas Names New VP of Sales Read Fenner joins Buffalo Americas as the vice president of sales, and brings a diverse background in start-up operations to executive positions at established high-tech brands.