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buddhi (bōōdˑ·dhē),

n in Sanskrit, intellect, the faculty responsible for discriminating between good and bad.
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Humorous and patriotic renderings by the world renowned Anil Choubey, Sudeep Bhola, Buddhi Prakash, Sunil Vyas and Ashok Bharti injected fun and reverence into the evening.
A Supreme Court friend of mine, whose name I will not take, told me that he stopped fighting his buddhi [wife] the day he became a judge.
The painting and diagrams pertain to the Mandala of Eight Great Bodhisattvas, she says, an iconographic template in which a central deity, typically the cosmic Buddhi Vairocana or Mahavairocana, is attended by eight bodhisattvas.
At te (main) patel nagar, Rlu clement town and rlu buddhi and comprehensive maintenance of electro mechanical services in o/o ee(e), Dehradun (sh: Closure of wall opening in transmission room & dismantling , Relaying of cable to emergency panel at te patel nagar & other misc works)
Apart from them, David Odhiambo, Buddhi Pradhan and Ian Ramage from the ICC Development Panel will also be officiating in the tournament.
uppattiya) buddhi 'spontaneous intelligence', vainayikl (venaiya) buddhi 'intelligence based on discipline', karmaja (kammaya) buddhi 'intelligence resulting from practice', and parinamiki (parinamiya) buddhi 'deductive intelligence'--has a close relationship with the Mulasarvastivada Vinaya.
Sankhya describes two major categories of experience, Prakriti, in which experience content of four possible categories--Ahamkara (the little Ego or narrative self), Buddhi (Discriminative Intellect with likes and dislikes), Manas (Base for Mental and Affective information content, with subconscious and emotional reactions), and the Panchendriyas, variously Five Senses, and Five Organs of Action, responsible for all interactions with the outside world.
Old roots diversify in new, unexplored directions, based on such ancient concepts as the Japanese wabi-sabi (the aesthetics of imperfection and natural wisdom) and mono-no-aware (the awareness of impermanence), the Portuguese saudade (nostalgia, melancholy), the Chinese wu-wei (action through non-doing), and the Indian pranasya prana (life-giving force) or buddhi (intuition).
Dr Buddhi moved to Arnhem Land from Sydney in 2011 to roll out a government health program aimed at eradicating scabies among Aboriginal children.
The police have registered cases against Lala Meer and Buddhi Lal of Gangaghat area and arrested them.
Perera, Group Captain Buddhi Siriwardhen and Colonel Vijaya Wimalaratne.
Spirituality is no more a domestic concept only achieving nirvanaor buddhi or Godhood rather it is a well-established construct applicable at workplace.