bubbling rale

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bub·bling rale

moist sound heard through the stethoscope as a result of air entering portions of lung tissue containing exudate and thus creating bubbles; sometimes associated with resolving pneumonia or small lung cavities.


an abnormal respiratory sound heard in auscultation and indicating some pathological condition. Rales are distinguished as dry or moist, according to the absence or presence of fluid in the air passages, and are classified according to their site of origin as bronchial, cavernous, laryngeal, pleural, tracheal and vesicular (crepitant).

amphoric rale
a coarse, musical and tinkling rale due to the splashing of fluid in a cavity connected with a bronchus.
atelectatic rale
a nonpathological rale which is dissipated by deep breathing or coughing. Such rales are frequently heard in those who breathe feebly and superficially, when on deep inspiration the moist walls of the unexpanded alveoli are suddenly forced apart by the entering air; after a few deep inspirations such rales become lost.
bubbling rale
a moist rale, finer than a subcrepitant rale, heard in bronchitis, in the resolving stage of pneumonia, and over small cavities.
cavernous rale
a hollow and metallic rale caused by the alternate expansion and contraction of a pulmonary cavity during respiration.
cellophane rale
a dry, crackling chest sound, as heard in interstitial pulmonary emphysema.
clicking rale
a small sticky sound heard on inspiration, due to the passage of air through secretions in the smaller bronchi.
consonating rale
a clear, ringing sound produced in bronchial tubes that are surrounded by consolidation tissue.
crepitant rale
a very fine crackling rale.
dry rale
a rale produced by the presence of viscid secretion in the bronchial tubes, or by spastic contraction of the walls of the tubes; it has a whistling, musical or squeaking quality.
gurgling rale
a very coarse rale resembling the bursting of large bubbles; in pulmonary edema, heard over large cavities that contain fluid, and in the trachea in the 'death rattle'.
sibilant rale
a hissing sound resembling that produced by suddenly separating two oiled surfaces. It is produced by the presence of a viscid secretion in the bronchial tubes or by thickening of the walls of the tubes; heard in asthma and bronchitis.
subcrepitant rale
a fine, moist rale associated with fluid in the bronchioles.