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HEFTY Bryony Sutherland vowed to put the brakes on her binge eating - after she crashed her car and it took eight firefighters to haul her from the wreckage.
Bryony says that Christmas at home with her parents will be easier thanks to them giving her plan their full support.
Bryony, 35, a business director, had started having contractions just after midnight and the labour was so fast that within 50 minutes of being awoken with pains she was holding her daughter in her arms.
The one-woman show was created in a seven-day binge of scientifically monitored and documented intoxication, in which Bryony selflessly pushed herself to the limits.
Bryony Morgan, 11, who is being treated for cancer, wept with joy as schoolboy Nicholas won his place in the show's final.
But during the last two dozen, Bryony pulled back a few points to claim victory.
Bryony, still black and blue from her near-death experience on April 10, is recovering at her home in Brigg, North Lincolnshire, where she lives with her mum, Sian, 54.
She has also accused Mr Sturkenboom of posting the replies from Bryony and Alyshia on a website set up by Mr Sturkenboom's 70-year-old dad, George, following the girls' arrival in the UK.
Bryony had locked the bathroom door, so her parents, Colinda and Dave, and sister Nathalie, 20, could not get in to help.
And while 2008 might seem a long way off, Bryony has already begun to focus on making sure she qualifies for the Olympic team.
New Rabjohns team: Alastair McLaughlin, Elsa Tam, Kate Ibbotson, Kelly Lyons, Bryony Gaskill and Chris Dalgleish