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Lester, U.S. otologist. See: Brown sign.


Harold W., 20th-century U.S. ophthalmologist. See: Brown syndrome.


James, U.S. plastic surgeon, 1899-1971. See: Brown-Adson forceps.


James H., 20th-century U.S. microbiologist. See: Brown-Brenn stain.


Robert, English botanist, 1773-1858. See: brownian motion, brownian movement, brownian-Zsigmondy movement.
A number of individuals with the surname Brown have become the namesake for various conditions, including

(1) C.H. Brown (Brown-Vialetto-van Laere syndrome, also known as pontobulbar palsy with deafness);

(2) C.L. Brown (Brown-Symmers disease, also known as acute infantile encephalopathy);

(3) G.E. Brown (Horton-Magath-Brown syndrome, also known as Horton syndrome);

(4) J.W. Brown (Brown syndrome, also known as neural crest syndrome); and

(5) S.I. Brown (Brown syndrome, a term of recent vintage for corneal oedema following cataract extraction)


1. a composite color, therefore variable from creamy to dark brown which is almost black, made from black, red and yellow.
2. a coat color; in horses a brown coat with a tan muzzle; a few hairs of another color may be scattered through the coat creating a brown roan (white admixture), brown chestnut (admixture of chestnut), etc. A brown-ticked gray is a gray horse with wheat grain sized patches of brown hairs scattered through the coat; in cattle a rich creamy brown as in Brown Swiss and many other indigenous breeds.

Patient discussion about Brown

Q. Is there any difference between brown eggs and white eggs? My fitness instructor suggested me to have brown eggs instead of white eggs so is there any difference between brown eggs and white eggs?

A. I have to agree with you. Never heard of any difference between the two and it doesnt sound reasonable that one is better to your health than the other...

Q. hey how about having brown rice in place of white or boiled rice…….?

A. Brown rice is a good carb, plus I personally think it tastes delicious.

Q. what is more healthy, brown sugar or fruit sugar?

A. fruit sugar

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