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Jan A., 20th-century Swedish geneticist. See: Böök syndrome.
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Moreover, it was also reiterated that all those culprits who are allegedly involved in the phenomenon, must be brought to book.
I have already told that the investigations must continue and the perpetrators should be brought to book by Pakistan, not by India.
Each and every one should be brought to book, and made to repay every penny of our money.
I just wonder if anyone will ever be brought to book or whether our leaders will once again let the public down very badly.
If priests, nuns or monks are guilty of abuse then they should be brought to book in the criminal courts.
It has been over five years since the case was reopened and to date nobody has been brought to book for this heinous crime,' said Mr O'Brien,
Instead of being brought to book, Caines has been encouraged to be bookish
Rooney was brought to book after pushing his hand in the face of Bolton's Tal Ben Haim during the match on Boxing Day.
LITTLE Victoria Climbie suffered a terrible death, and it's right the social workers who failed her be brought to book.
When do the council tax paying citizens of Coventry get to see the morons at the CCS responsible for losing an estimated pounds 8m through useless incompetent management being brought to book for corporate negligence on such a vast scale?
After Albion lost 2-0 at home to Tranmere Bill Archer felt that "the Baggies" should be brought to book for charging fans to watch such crud.