intermediate bronchus

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in·ter·me·di·ate bron·chus

the portion of the right main bronchus between the upper lobar bronchus and the origin of the middle and lower lobar bronchi.
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A nodular, homogeneous lesion within collapsed right upper lobe in right hilum was seen obliterating upper lobe bronchus and encroaching on bronchus intermedius [Figure 1].
However, a restenosis of the right bronchus intermedius occurred 5 months later because of proliferation of fibrous and granulation tissue at the proximal end of the SEMS (Figure 1(a)).
Bronchoscopy study revealed extraneous compression of right bronchus intermedius.
08% of the population and is defined as a supernumerary bronchus arising from the inner wall of the right main bronchus or bronchus intermedius opposite to the origin of the right upper lobe bronchus.
There was severe stenosis of the right bronchus intermedius and proximal left main stem bronchus and a hypoplastic right lung (Fig.
Another feature suggestive of lymphadenopathy on the lateral radiograph is the presence of a lobulated density inferior and posterior to the bronchus intermedius representing subcarinal and retrocarinal lymphadenopathy.
Lower border--The upper border of the lower lobe bronchus on the left; the lower border of the bronchus intermedius on the right
Bronchus intermedius is the most vulnerable part of the airway, and collapse of the right middle and lower lobes may occur.
We describe a rare bronchial anomaly in a 2-month-old girl in which the right upper lobe, middle lobe, and lower lobe bronchi all originated at the same point as a result of a developmental teratogenic long right main bronchus and an absent bronchus intermedius.
In addition right bronchus intermedius was found ending blindly without visual signs of segmental bronchii.
The maximum stenosis in the trachea, right main bronchus, bronchus intermedius and left main bronchus was measured, if present.
A metallic Wallstent (Schneider, Minneapolis, MN) was used at this second intervention in the same sites, with additional stenting in the right main stem bronchus, bronchus intermedius and right lower lobe bronchus.