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Lung and bronchus cancer rates remained relatively stable with small fluctuations from year to year.
A tracheal bronchus is an aberrant right upper lobe bronchus arising from the distal trachea proximal to the carina.
With the appropriate tube, the left bronchial cuff is positioned in the bronchus so that the cuff is beyond the carina but the tip of the tube does not occlude the aperture of the left upper lobe bronchus.
Flexible bronchoscopy was performed which showed an anomalous additional right bronchus arising at the level of carina (Figure 2).
Rigid bronchoscopy removed a foreign body from the right main bronchus consistent with a small animal vertebra.
Table 2: World Cancer Mortality by Geographic Region and Gender (2012): Number of Cancer-Related Deaths in Thousands for Asia-Oceania, Europe, North America, Latin America & the Caribbean, and Africa (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-10 Table 3: Global Incidence of Common Cancers in Men (2012): Number of New Cases Reported in Thousands for Lung & Bronchus, Prostate, Colorectal and Liver Cancers (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-10 Table 4: Global Incidence of Common Cancers in Women (2012): Number of New Cases Reported in Thousands for Breast, Colorectal, Lung & Bronchus and Liver Cancers (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-11
The CDC study compared lung and bronchus cancer incidence data between the National Cancer Institute's Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) program and the California Cancer Registry.
Penner C, Maycher B, Light RB: compression of the left main bronchus between a descending thoracic aortic aneurysm and an enlarged right pulmonary artery.
A foreign body was not suspected by the parents; however, initial chest radiography revealed a suspicious lesion in the proximal, right, mainstem bronchus (figure 1).
Each main stem bronchus branched in a left-sided pattern into an upper- and lower-lobe bronchus (Figure 3B).