mucosa of bronchi

(redirected from bronchial mucosa)

mu·co·sa of bron·chi

the inner coat of a bronchus.
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Anthracotic pigmentation in the bronchial mucosa is a bronchoscopic finding of pneumoconiosis, or evidence of heavy atmospheric soot.
Another argument against the use of forced expiration is that it actually irritates the bronchial mucosa and produces more mucus.
This report describes the ultrastructural alterations observed in the bronchial mucosa of a 29-year old male patient suffering from chronic upper and lower respiratory tract infections since his childhood and operated due to bronchiectasis and sinusitis.
This is because the propensity for an allergic response spreads from the nose to the bronchial mucosa.
Symptoms persisted, and bronchofibroscopic examination in January 2005 showed thickening of the bilateral bronchovascular bundles and discrete diffuse inflammation in the bronchial mucosa.
On bronchoscopic evaluation, only mild atrophy of the bronchial mucosa with no endobronchial mass was visualized.
In this study, biopsies were obtained from the bronchial mucosa of patients with CF and hCLCA1 expression was demonstrated by immunohistochemistry and in-situ hybridization.
The translocation of mineral dusts through the tracheobronchial-epithelial barrier into lamina propria of the bronchial mucosa has been well documented.
Dr Foccoli, Director of Respiratory Endoscopy in "Spedali Civili di Brescia", Italy said "The PENTAX EB-1990i HD bronchoscope provides a significant improvement in image resolution over standard systems, with clear enhancement of anatomical details of the bronchial mucosa like longitudinal elastic bands, mucosal glands and vascularity.
10) This sensitization additionally resulted in infiltration of eosinophils of the bronchial mucosa.
Pathologic examination of the transbronchial biopsy revealed inflamed bronchial mucosa and FOB lavage was reported as blood components.
Cold, dry air also cools the bronchial mucosa and increases interstitial osmolarity, triggering bronchospasm.