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4 shows that the role of the root system in increasing soil resistance was greater for smooth bromegrass than switchgrass.
Compared with switchgrass, the benefit of smooth bromegrass to control soil erosion was great.
This improvement resulted from greater smooth bromegrass yield reduction in the later part of the growing season compared to KBG and OG binary mixtures (Kim and Albrecht, 2008).
Yield and species composition of binary mixtures of Kura clover with kentucky bluegrass, orchardgrass, or smooth bromegrass.
1988), who observed reductions in N recovery with increasing N application rate in bromegrass grown in Dark Brown soil and Gray Luvisolic soil in Saskatchewan, Canada.
1992) on bromegrass, but not with McCaughey and Simons' (1998) observation, on a sandy loam soil, that NUE of bromegrass increased in a linear manner as N rate increased.
Binary mixture types (kura clover-Kentucky bluegrass, KBG; kura clover-orchardgrass, OG; kura clover-smooth bromegrass, SB; or solo kura clover, Solo) were randomly assigned to subplots.
This result is consistent with a previous study in which grass-legume mixtures (ladino clover with smooth bromegrass or orchardgrass) under a three-cut schedule produced higher yields than under a five-cut schedule (Wolf and Smith, 1963).
Site and extent of nutrient digestion by steers fed a low-quality bromegrass hay diet with incremental levels of soybean hull substitution.
The forages included in the rotations were alfalfa (AL) and bromegrass (BR).
Combined influence of cropping and tillage treatments on the mean values of structural and hydraulic parameters CT, conventional tillage; NT, no-till; BR, bromegrass; AL, alfalfa; CT corn/BR6, conventional corn following 6 years of bromegrass (similar abbreviations are followed for the other treatments)
1972) found that residues of alfalfa, cornstalks, oat straw, sawdust, and bromegrass produced similar effects on organic C in a Hapludoll in Iowa.