bromcresol green

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brom·cre·sol green

(brom-krē'sol grēn),
An indicator dye changing from yellow to blue at pH 4.7; used to track DNA in agarose electrophoresis, and in a dye-binding method for analysis of serum albumin.
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Influence of reagent quality and reaction conditions on the determination of serum albumin by the bromcresol green dyebinding method.
Bromcresol green assay is nonspecific for rat plasma albumin.
Serum albumin by dye-binding: bromcresol green or bromcresol purple?
Plasma albumin (measured by bromcresol green on the Paramax RX analyzer) also decreased linearly with increasing concentrations of NaF, confirming that the change in hematocrit was not artifactual (Table 1).
The Hitachi measures albumin by monitoring the interaction between albumin and bromcresol green (BCG), a dye specific for albumin.