broad-sense heritability

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broad-sense heritability

the widest estimate of the role of genes in influencing total phenotypic variability (see HERITABILITY), measured by the ratio of total genotypic variance to total phenotypic variance. Compare NARROW-SENSE HERITABILITY.


1. the proportion of total variation in the population that can be attributed to variation in genetic factors.
2. the degree to which inheritance plays a part in the etiology of a disease.

broad-sense heritability
the degree to which a trait is genetically determined, expressed as the ratio of the total genetic variance to the phenotypic variance (VG/VP).
narrow sense heritability
the degree to which a trait is passed from parent to offspring expressed as the ratio of the additive genetic variance to the total phenotypic variance (VA/VP).
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As result, a high broad-sense heritability was observed in the IAPAR 44 x IAPAR 31 hybrid ([h.
Application of Falconer's method (7) for broad-sense heritability produced a heritability of 0.