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Paul, French physician, 1796-1881. See: Briquet ataxia, Briquet disease, Briquet syndrome.
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The company has focused on researching and developing technology to convert low-grade coal into higher-rank fuel by removal of moisture and conversion into briquettes which feature higher energy content, reduced emissions, improved handling and transportation characteristics and increased market value.
Many cottage industries and cooperatives have also produced briquette in several cities like Tegal in Central Java, Malang in East Java and Bali.
Its initial phase of development will produce up to 90,000 tonnes a year of low-moisture and higher-energy briquettes from about 150,000 tonnes of lignite mined from Solid Energy's New Vale Opencast Mine.
The starting product line will focus on production of biomass energy briquettes from residual fibre obtained from TCG's existing operations, local suppliers and wood waste materials obtained from its current wood waste and recycling permit application.
New Briquette Is First Product in Northeastern China to Meet BTU Requirements for Industrial Use in China
Solid Energy's ex-partner in an experimental briquette-making plant in Southland, GTL Energy (New Zealand), cut its loss in 2014 in a year when it failed to garner any revenue and started preparing to sell its largest asset, the Mataura briquette plant.
Tenders are invited for Press Tool For Top Briquette Invar W/H To Drg.
The presses can briquette cast iron borings, steel turnings, iron fines, brass chips, oxide dust, chopped aluminum, magnesium, zirconium, bronze and a host of other metals.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Harsco Corporation (NYSE: HSC) announced today that its Heckett MultiServ Division, a unit of the Harsco Mill Services Group, has received a multi-year contract from the Corus Group, plc to briquette and recycle steel production by-products at the steelmaker's Scunthorpe works in the United Kingdom.
The installed biomass briquette plant aims to provide up to 740,000 people with a renewable energy resource.
Luscar also produces value-added products related to its coal mining operations, including char sold to charcoal briquette manufacturers and humalite products sold to agricultural, environmental and industrial users.
Revenues from sales of Colite(TM) binder products used as the agent that holds the synthetic fuel briquette together;