brilliant yellow

bril·liant yel·low

(bril'yant yel'ō), [C.I. 13085]
An indicator dye that changes from yellow to orange or red at pH 6.4 to 8.
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All was still and dark, save only that brilliant yellow screen in front of us with the black figure outlined upon its centre.
Hand-sculpted using nearly 20,000 latex balloons, the monumental 18-metre spiral rotates downward in a breathtaking ombrA@ gradient from brilliant yellow to shocking red.
htm) This is because while the pigment chlorophyll gives leaves their green color during spring and summer, decreased daylight and cooler temperatures at the end of these seasons cause chlorophyll to break down which exposes other pigments that cause the brilliant yellow, orange, red leaves of fall.
In many other countries, yellow, brilliant yellow, is the color of the aristocracy, of the high and mighty.
Farmers' markets often have delightful bunches of cottage garden flowers, as well as hugely tall gladioli, and, a little later, brilliant yellow sunflowers.
The model features brilliant yellow exterior, custom black alloy wheels, black BRZ and SUBARU badging, black foldable exterior mirrors, Brembo(R) four-piston callipers and rotors on the front and dual-piston callipers and rotors on the rear, and black leather and Alcantara upholstery with contrasting yellow stitching throughout the interior including seats, door and dash panels, steering wheel, knee pads and gear knob.
Near where we live in North Devon, the river banks are gilded with hundreds of small but brilliant yellow flowers of Narcissus pseudonarcissus.
Among the emerging green grass and rising out of the mud in several places are splashes of the most brilliant yellow - clumps of marsh marigold, Caltha palustris.
The sunflower plant is 5-20' tall and it produces large brilliant yellow flowers and edible seeds.
The brilliant yellow and warming orange blooms of Begonia Illumination Apricot Shades F1 cascade down to create a riot of colour well into autumn.
Shrubs such as dogwoods, with their brilliant yellow or red stems, instantly draw your gaze.