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Richard, English internist and pathologist, 1789-1858. See: Bright disease.


A gene on chromosome 6q25.3 that encodes an AT-rich interactive domain-containing protein, which is highly expressed in the heart, skeletal muscle and kidneys. ARID1B is involved in transcriptional activation and repression of select genes by chromatin remodelling (by altering DNA-nucleosome topology). It belongs to the neural progenitors-specific chromatin remodelling (npBAF) and the neuron-specific chromatin remodelling (nBAF) complexes, which are involved in switching developing neurons from stem/progenitors to post-mitotic chromatin remodelling as they exit the cell cycle and become committed to their adult state.


term used to describe wool which is free from discoloration.
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Over 20 to 28 days, 85 participants received daily 30-minute exposures to bright light from a box mounted above the head.
Little did the teacher know the defiant flames she was stoking in the tall, thin girl sitting in the third raw: The admonition made Bright want to lick an armpit, not shave it.
Although a majority of the Bright court declined to rule on this issue, five judges stated in dissent that, because a "hypothetical seller" would know that the decedent's 27.
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