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White tighties Reproductive medicine A type of undergarment that keeps the “guys” close to the body; according to popular culture, use of briefs ↓ sperm quality and successful insemination. Cf Boxers.

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Q. my son who is risking his life by being a bipolar. could any of you brief me about this dangerous episode? Life with bipolar for my son is like a happy go unlucky situation. The manic episode he gets is very dangerous and could cause him a severe physical injury. He gets regular episodes without any gap. During episodes he jumps with happiness and he can also jump from his room`s balcony, which is on the second floor. Once he was hospitalized close to 2 months for this act. When he became well and was brought back to home, he tried again with that silly act due to his bipolar happiness and so we have shifted him to ground floor and no one knows what else is left to be seen. How can he make such a silly and risky act? We never saw these episodes before though he is diagnosed as bipolar 3 years back. This is really dangerous …..I tend to cry but also feel for my son who is risking his life by being a bipolar. Could any of you brief me about this dangerous episode?

A. Your son seems to be experiencing continued manic episodes. When someone who has bipolar disorder has a manic episode one of the symptoms is risk taking. he believes the he can not be harmed by his actions. Even if he was already harmed by doing the same thing before. In his mind he is untouchable. Is your son medicated? I would say to take him to the doctor ask for a referal to a psychiatrist and get him started on treatments. The best way you can help him is to ensure that he gets the professional help that he needs and to ensure he is diligent in taking his medications. If he is on medications already I would take him back to the doctor because they are not working. If he continues in a manic episode those risks could become more and more dangerous for him. With every risk he takes that doesnt hurt him or get him in trouble th more dangerous risks he will start taking. i wish you the best in this situation and the best way to help him is to get him professionals to help h

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In addition to briefs on jurisdiction under rule 9.
From 2007 to 2011, the Florida Supreme Court mentioned amicus briefs in 14 majority opinions.
Persons with a strong interest in the case (for example, groups of individuals, corporations, non-profits, or trade unions) can also file briefs for the justices to consider.
Groups filing briefs in support of InnerChange include TV preacher Pat Robertson's American Center for Law and Justice, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore's Foundation for Moral Law, the Iowa Family Policy Center and "Christian nation" activist David Barton's WallBuilders.
Nevertheless, TEI is committed to involvement in court cases where it will further the overall interest of TEI members, and as evidenced by this issue, the Institute not infrequently files amicus briefs.
Blue-and-red bra, pounds 17, and briefs, pounds 11, Additions (0845 3040008)C cupPink frilly bra, pounds 16, and briefs, pounds 6, George @ Asda (0500 100055)
At Ease[R] SUPRA Adult Disposable Briefs from Hospital Specialty Co.
The 100th issue provides an historical overview of the briefs and categorizes the first 99 issues by research area.
The first week-long round of briefs were held in April 2001 on board Constellation (CV 64) off the coast of Australia, before the battle group deployed to the Arabian Sea.
This paper is largely based on slightly over a hundred case files and printed briefs, mainly from Michigan, Iowa, and Illinois, but also from Kansas, West Virginia, and Washington.