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It used to be, before Mr [George] Tenet, that the senior briefer for the president was an analyst who had long experience and deep expertise on particular subjects.
The other videos, even briefer in duration--all untitled and all from 2005--record encounters between things, images, and signs that create minimal, almost nonexistent, but still somehow significant events, such as the contact of two capers on a plate followed by the sound of a kiss, or the shadow of a hand that touches the shadow of a leaf, or the destruction of an ice cream spoon amid the rocks along a sea coast.
Had his attacks been briefer and milder, they would have met the diagnostic criteria for porphyria.
For the central discussions of the student movement during 1965-69 there is now nothing better in English: the weight of the treatments in Sabine von Dirke's study of the counter-culture and Andrei Markovits' and Philip Gorski's history of the German Left falls in the following decade, while Rob Burns and Wilfried van der Will base their briefer discussion of the student movement on far less research.
His brief introductions to each chapter and his briefer comments before each "voice" from history leave no doubt where he stands in a book he dedicates "To the rebel voices of the coming generation.
There were definitely surges of electric power, some briefer than others, and most definitely malfunctions.
In Backfire, Chalmers reiterates this history in much briefer form (although he lifts whole sections with little editing from the earlier book).
The book's many adages, while thought provoking, would have been more accessible and possibly had more impact if they'd been made briefer and crisper.
New Internationalist also carries briefer articles on China's place in the world and the reach of the media in that country (pointing out that it is the biggest advertising market in the world with around 2,200 TV channels alone).
Costumes by Mary Jane Marcasiano began with lime, gold, and aqua tank tops over white cargo pants and grew increasingly briefer and more colorful, ending in bikini bathing suits that displayed the dancers' gorgeous muscularity and rich skin tones.
The UK-based marketing team will be using the twice-yearly Market Briefer to update the trade on a range of Dutch data, from slaughter number to price trends and export levels.
The only partial duplication is the music from The Merry Widow, with Boskovsky giving us a briefer synopsis and Jurowski the longer, more complete overture.