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A regional term for a place where drugs are produced, usually in so-called kitchen labs
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8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Genesee Brewery, New York State's oldest brewery, kicked off the holiday season by unveiling a two-story Christmas tree, constructed of 248 empty beer kegs, outside its Genesee Brew House in Rochester, New York.
York Brewery YORK Brewery, right, opened in 1996 and has won several local and national awards since then.
Breckenridge Brewery will open the doors to the new brewery with an initial capacity of 150,000 bbl.
I am glad I decided to come to see the brewery today and saw how my favourite beer is made.
1858: Acquires old established brewery site in Stanhope Street.
Samuel Arthur Brain, a name to spark reverence from Cardiff SA drinkers and respect from out-of-town visitors, started in 1882, taking over the William Malthouse Brewery, set up in 1713 on that familiar St Mary Street spot to service the pub next door, one day to become the Albert, now the Yard.
Highgate Brewery in Walsall, which makes Highgate Dark Mild as well as the Davenports range of ales, collapsed with unpaid debts of more than pounds 1 million last week.
Archaeologists in Peru are now optimistic that they're on the track of an ancient, large-scale brewery.
Instead of making the ales at its own brewery in California and then impacting the environment by trucking them across the country, Cusick says the company taps into unused capacity at three existing facilities.
The fine art of communal living wasn't up for sale at last weekend's biannual Brewery Artwalk, just north of downtown Los Angeles.
The brewery has also received a total of 9 medals in international competition at the World Beer Cup.