breathing tube

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In one instance a patient died in a bungled attempt to fit a breathing tube while another lost their life after medics failed to administer the correct drugs.
Julie Watts was found guilty of the manslaughter of her 14-month-old daughter Abigail by disconnecting her breathing tube.
Daniel, of Desborough, Northants, had to open the soldier's throat to insert a breathing tube in last November's incident in Helmand Province.
Two attempts to remove his breathing tube after the procedure failed, and he had to be kept on a ventilator.
Millions of viewers wept as a nurse removed tragic Christopher Reeve's breathing tube live on TV.
AN ex-steelworker died a week after a cancer operation when a breathing tube inserted by doctors became blocked, an inquest heard yesterday .
The Duration HME attaches to the breathing tube and provides humidified air, simulating the effects of normal breathing.
She was starved of oxygen for up to 30 minutes, possibly because a breathing tube was wrongly placed or faulty, the Amersham inquest heard.
He conceived a device in which a broad, hollow chamber, covered by a filter, is sewn into the front of a jacket and attached to a breathing tube.
Walsall Manor Hospital chief executive Mr John Rostill pledged to hold an inquiry after an inquest heard how mother-oour Mrs Jean Reader was starved of oxygen to the brain as doctors attempted to insert a breathing tube down her throat prior to an anaesthetic.
Johnson knows it's a matter of time, perhaps another month or two, before he needs a breathing tube, and that a feeding tube will follow shortly thereafter.
Hotel housekeeper Miss Bryan died because a breathing tube was put into her stomach instead of lungs as she was anaesthetised.