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For 25 years, Leonard Stern and Hartz have breathed life into these Meadows - no one could ask for more.
Chief among the obstacles: the preserved-in-celluloid image of Craig Russell, the legendary Canadian female impersonator who breathed life into the picture's starring role and became one of the decade's biggest underground stars in the process.
Supercharger burst onto the garage scene and breathed life into what had become a stagnant genre.
Bedlam erupted around Jaurequi as he was on the ground, soaking in his critical goal line tackle and his equally crucial 37-yard touchdown interception return that breathed life into a nearly still Loyola team moments before the end of the first half.
THE King's stutter-style tenor sax breathed life into countless R&B hits in the early 1960s, I adding a funky edge to the likes of The Coasters.