breath of fire

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breath of fire,

n a breathing technique used in yoga that incorporates rapid inhalation and exhalation to in-crease mental and physical energy. Also called
kapalabhati pranayama.
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WHAT'S NEXT: Breath of Fire continues its theatremaking programs with a variety of workshops, and Guerrero will direct a staged reading of Tanya Saracho's El Nogalar in June.
Jose Casas's 14 appeared in February and March of 2008 at the Centro Cultural de Mexico in Santa Ana, home of the Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble.
Hold the pose while doing the Breath of Fire breathing technique for one to three minutes.
Breath of Fire (Ubi Soft), for Nintendo Game Boy Advance, price: pounds 34.
This past spring, SCR's Studio Series presented shows by Orange County's Underground Burlesque Society, Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble, Rogue Artists Ensemble, Arpana Dance Company and Backhausdance.
When the mind becomes clouded with several thoughts, it feels a little like a cobweb of thoughts have formed and are difficult to untangle and with a few minutes of rapid breath of fire or one minute breath, the mind becomes crystal clear, we feel more alert, focused, concentrated, with a better memory and the capacity to make sound decisions.
Doris Humphrey's Air for the G String (1928), Two Ecstatic Themes (1931), The Call (1929), Breath of Fire (1930), and Day on Earth (1947) paid homage to the company's first artistic director in this centenary year of her birth, while Daniel Nagrin's finely crafted character sketches, Strange Hero and Spanish Dance (both 1948), revived interest in an artist who has been unjustly neglected.
To balance this Chakra dance, wear the color yellow, practice breath of fire, tap or massage abdomen and use the affirmation "I am steady in my sense of self, personal power and leadership.
In Kundalini yoga, you will often find these exercises combined with a powerful breath known as rapid breath of fire, which builds an extremely intense heat capable of burning fat, boosting digestion and improving your metabolic rate.