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There are specific actions hospitals can take to better support mothers to breastfeed.
They also maintain a hotline to support mothers who breastfeed or want to breastfeed.
The participants discussed support provided by their local multiple birth club and how valuable it was to talk to other mothers who had twins and learn how they managed to breastfeed.
Women require the right type of support to breastfeed but are still given poor advice by some health professionals.
We need to look at this in terms of outcomes and what ways will influence a mother to breastfeed.
Many women are uninformed about this law, and nurses can be the relater of this information in a culturally-sensitive manner with the recognition that not all women can or will choose to breastfeed.
However, many mothers have chosen not to breastfeed because their work environment makes it inconvenient or impossible, and those women will have strong support under the new health-care reform measures.
Among first-time mothers, large discrepancies between intending to breast-feed exclusively and actually doing so at one week were found among Hispanic and non-Hispanic black mothers (59% in each group had intended to exclusively breastfeed, and 32-33% did so), those with an income of $25,000-49,999 (78% vs.
Providing encouragement and support to mothers to breastfeed their infants, alongside support for the health and well-being of mothers themselves, is an important key to reducing infant malnutrition.