breakbone fever

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A disease of many tropic and subtropic regions that can occur epidemically; caused by dengue virus, a member of the family Flaviviridae. There are four antigenic types, and they are transmitted by a mosquito of the genus Aedes (usually A. aegypti, but frequently A. albopictus). Four grades of severity are recognized: grade I, fever and constitutional symptoms; grade II, grade I with spontaneous bleeding (of skin, gums, or gastrointestinal tract); grade III, grade II with agitation and circulatory failure; grade IV, profound shock.
[Sp. corruption of "dandy" fever]

breakbone fever

See dengue.

breakbone fever

breakbone fever


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Q. What are the symptoms of dengue fever? Can you die from dengue fever? Can it be cured without anything like normal cough? How long till someone dies from being infected?

A. Try this site:

However, unless the person has recently been in South or Central America or other parts of the world where it's endemic, they're not likely to have been exposed. There is very little of it here in this country. It’s carried with mosquito’s that not to be found in the U.S as far as I know anyway…

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