brand name

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brand name

See trademark.

proprietary name

A commercial name granted by a naming authority for use in marketing a drug/device product in a particular jurisdiction.

brand name,

n a name given to a product by its manufacturer that becomes part of the product's identity.
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Your brand name should be suggestive in some ways of the benefits to your target customer if you can make it suggestive.
As with other products, the brand name of a wine can either help to bring it success or cause it to struggle.
Since 2010 there has been a 14% decrease in the number of shoppers who think brand name packaging is more attractive than private label packaging.
They said lighting heavyweights such as Philips and Osram also drum up subcontract orders in markets where the chance for their brand name operation is slim.
For all that money and attention, however, it's not clear that brand names really make much difference.
In attempting to measure value added, we must be aware that, from the consumer's point of view, the value added by a brand name has three dimensions:
Born as sub-contractors to the major manufacturers, white box makers are gaining popularity in their own right thanks to improved products and support services, bargain basement prices that are typically 20% lower than brand names, and a cheap Third World labor pool.
First, the authors describe a classification system which describes broad alternative brand name strategies for services.
As part of its brand-name promotion plan, the company has launched a series of advertising campaigns including using container trucks in 100 cities in mainland China to carry the company's brand name advertisements.
It was inferred that manufacturers have a better shot at success using typical names, since consumers have a preconceived notion about what a brand name for a particular product should sound like.
Last year, they shipped 50,000 of the vehicles, and with Pacific's brand names slapped onto them, Currie figures sales will triple within two years.
The branding agreements between Earth Biofuels and retail fuel providers will include stipulations that all biodiesel fuel sold under the BioWillie([R]) brand name must meet the quality standards set for biodiesel by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) under specification number D-6751 as well as other rigorous compliance requirements for protecting the biodiesel fuel quality and brand name.