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Putting this extra revenue from Obamacare together with other additional revenue derived from a combination of overall bracket creep and this January's tax increase, and the picture becomes clear: even as spending rises as a share of the economy, so will revenue.
Occasional relief, such as by adjusting tax brackets for the purposes of income tax rates, have only partly offset the effects of bracket creep and have been apparently adopted for electoral purposes, and not pursuant to any responsible policy of restricting government growth.
Bracket creep in the individual income tax was another method of easy financing.
Graetz's book delivers a practical and politically realistic exposition, covering issues from the marriage penalty and tax shelters to bracket creep and capital gains.
Second, bracket creep in the individual income tax increased revenues and in time led to tax cuts.
Indexation helps protect Saskatchewan taxpayers from bracket creep and is part of our government s commitment to fairness and competitiveness in taxation.
A diluted version of the superannuation surcharge reform was allowed through only because it was cynically understood that the minor tax cut involved would soon be negated by bracket creep.