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In dentistry, resistance to horizontal components of masticatory force. See: component of force.


In dentistry, resistance to horizontal components of masticatory force.


n a resistance to the horizontal components of masticatory force.
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As we get nearer, we realise they are hardy hotel guests taking a dip in the bracingly cold lake.
Patriotic Gore is best known for two things: Wilson's witticism that "the cruelest thing that has happened to Lincoln since he was shot has been to fall into the hands of Carl Sandburg" and the book's 24-page introduction, a bracingly (and brazenly) dyspeptic essay that compares national governments to "sea slugs" in their mindless aggression--though unlike the slugs, nations have publicists who weave elaborate moral defenses of their violence and voracity.
The results are both nostalgic and bracingly current, at times surging with the pulse of popular culture, at others zeroing in on an individual's rich inner life.
Otherwise, considering the often depressing or anger-inducing subject matter, the book is an entertaining read kept alive by the formidably well-informed and bolshily opinionated author's bracingly acute, often venomous, comments and snappy stylistic classifications.
Its bracingly tasty Ceviche a La Rusa is a blithe creation of oysters, lightly marinated in lime and lemon juices.
His latest book, an innovative and incantatory memoir about the family that he formed with his partner of forty years, the poet and publisher Nikos Stangos, couldn't be any less ambiguous in its portrayal of the couple's life together, and in its bracingly poignant meditations on Stangos' death from brain cancer in 2004.
The same whistling emptiness can be felt in a video by Peter Rose, and in a sculpture by Rita McBride, which reproduces the bracingly spare lines of a standard, open-deck garage in nickel silver.
In her analysis, "the black church" is an "illusion" that Savage bracingly declares from the outset of her noteworthy book is in fact "a political, intellectual, and theological construction" that ultimately serves as "an all-purpose stand-in for the dearth of other black institutions" (9).
And, if Vernon's reading is correct, he offers a bracingly novel answer: one speaks for broadly epistemic reasons.
com), modern Phoenix's answer to a Beat Generation java cafe, complete with organic espresso of the bracingly potent variety, edgy art exhibits, and the best people-watching in town.
The choices under capitalism, as Manne points out so bracingly, tend towards the getting of more.
The first half of Doug Pray's mostly celebratory, sometimes bracingly raunchy movie emphasizes the liberty and fun of surfing every day with no concerns about school or bills (Doc would occasionally do medical jobs to buy food and gas, and the skillful, competitive Paskowitzes nailed lucrative sponsorships and established a surfing camp).