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In dentistry, resistance to horizontal components of masticatory force. See: component of force.


In dentistry, resistance to horizontal components of masticatory force.


n a resistance to the horizontal components of masticatory force.
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Through the development of this analog scoliosis torso model and testing methodology, we have enabled the study of bracing technologies.
After an average follow-up of 21-23 months, the rate of treatment success was 72% with bracing and 48% with observation alone in this analysis, Dr.
16 points after 6 weeks of patellofemoral bracing vs.
In general, the joint stability increased with knee bracing for all the three flexion angles examined.
The progress that has been achieved in bracing is important for high school coaches, trainers, and athletes to carefully consider.
Still, depending on the size and location of window and door openings, the bracing rules may be tricky to meet.
We found no information specifically about functional bracing following ACL injuries that have been managed conservatively.
You've just created triangles and diagonal bracing to make a sturdier structure.
orthopedic bracing market, companies such as Bledsoe, Breg, DeRoyal, DJO, and Ossur lead the market, among many others.
Comment: Prior to this study there was some controversy about the role of back bracing in teens with scoliosis.
The researchers included the shoes and inserts because "even with appropriate valgus bracing, large mechanical stresses on the knee can persist, suggesting that the addition of other interventions to further improve limb alignment may be of therapeutic value," they noted.
Players are bracing themselves, literally and figuratively, against injuries.