boxing centre

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centre, boxing 

The point midway between the two horizontal and the two vertical sides of the rectangle enclosing the lens, in the boxing system. Syn. geometric centre of a cut lens. See boxing system.
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The famous boxing centre also plays a huge part in the life of the Birkenhead family of six, as 16-yearold sister Daisy is a resident coach and younger sister Peggy, nine, is a promising fighter.
Newcastle has always had a reputation as a boxing centre, but outside of the big London promoters coming to the city for one-offs we have not had regular bills here for a while.
He has taken over the management of Elcock's future and has already stated that he would love to develop Birmingham as a major boxing centre.
Sophie's bout is one of three involving Merseyside female boxers on Sunday at Manchester's Boxing Centre of Excellence.
Gateshead College has been named a High Performance Boxing Centre by the Amateur Boxing Association of England (ABAE), making it one of only seven centres in the country for aspiring boxers with this accreditation.