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National Beef processes and markets fresh boxed beef, case-ready beef, beef by-products and wet blue leather for domestic and international markets.
The Indonesian Government has lifted restrictions on imports of secondary cuts of beef and offal, imposed in 2015, restoring opportunities for our farmers and exporters of boxed beef.
In the past, the deficit was met by live cattle imports, including slaughter and feedlot cattle, and boxed beef imports.
Thanks in part to imports of Canadian cattle and beef, the United States has been able to increase its beef exports to several markets, while shipping boxed beef back to Canada at a higher value.
Boxed beef cutout values were up 85 cents at mid-session yesterday and closed 61 cents higher at $195.
They are Berwyn Hughes of Cwmann YFC, Carmarthenshire, who wanted to expand on his boxed beef business and possibly open a farm shop; Roland Davies, Llitiartywaun YFC, Montgomery, who has trained as a tree surgeon to work alongside his farm business; Marc Jones, Berriew YFC, Montgomery, who has established a low maintenance New Zealand-style lamb management system; and Sion Ifans, Meirionnydd, who has a lowmaintenance lamb management system on his rented farm and has recently expanded to rear calves.
The National Beef Association says the move is premature and caused by fears within the meat trade there could be an unexpected build up of unsold boxed beef stocks in the approach to Christmas.
The top in cattle futures is expected to weigh on cash cattle prices near-term, although heavy pressure will be avoided unless the boxed beef market collapses.
The boxed beef patties or Band-Aids are loaded onto carriers and they pass through a field of radiation whose maximum dose (in the case of food) is set by the FDA.
Currently beef from Canada younger than 30 months, and boxed beef are allowed to enter this country.
Most ranchers sell their cattle upon arrival at the feedlot or just after finishing, but co-op members retain ownership through the feedlot and processing (technically, they sell their cattle to the processor, then buy the boxed beef back).