Box Plot

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A visual display that summarizes data using a 'box and whiskers’ format to show the minimum and maximum values (ends of the whiskers), interquartile range (length of the box), and median (line through the box)
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Three lines composing box plots are, respectively, from bottom to top, 25th (p25), median (p50), and 75th percentile (p75) of uchronic temperature anomaly distribution.
Also note that, based on box plots, the set of observations visually less dispersed corresponds to IAC and N59 genotypes, which although have low proportions of null observations, concentrate their observations very close to zero.
We use box plots to show the relationship between president pay and Carnegie category.
Another way to describe variability in morphological traits is by looking at localized variations using the method of Relative Warp Analysis coupled with box plots and histograms.
The Box plots were prepared to study the relative distributions placental morphometry and newborn anthropometry.
Box plots are useful for examining both the centering and variability of response data, as well as identifying outliers.
visualize and interpret results using hierarchical clustering, volcano plots, gene ontology enrichment, histograms, and box plots.
The copper showed the lowest median in the mentioned localities as is given in the box plots figure 2 (e) whereas zero correlation was declared by copper as mentioned in the figure 3 (e).
variation among the 193 ZIP code-specific estimates, as indicated in the box plots by a larger interquartile range (IQR), and a larger range from the 5th to 95th percentiles].