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I would have liked another bowlful but since it seemed everything brought to the table would be delicious, I refrained from ordering seconds.
further demonstrates how fresh items from the pantry, when added to a bowlful of cake mix, yield the moistest, gooiest, richest, most delectable cakes, brownies, bars, cookies, muffins and cupcakes:
We both agreed a bowlful on its own would have been a winning dish.
SPOIL your loved ones this Christmas with a bowlful (or two) of homemade Gold Top ice cream.
This was runnier than the rest and I needed to use more than I'd have liked to get a decent bowlful of bubbles.
The ravioli parcels were huge, the serving a hearty bowlful, and the sauce standout.
At your tableside, another presents a bowlful topped with butter (churned in-house) and fistfuls of 16-month old Parmesan cheese (that's quite young, and it's slightly creamier).
My wonderful bowlful inspired this week's recipe for spiced onion soup with garlic and chilli croutons.
Remarkably, her mouth and oesophagus were undamaged and a bowlful of sharp glass, plastic and battery debris was surgically removed from her stomach.
I wouldn't blame restaurant owner Roberto if he headed straight for a big plate of his trademark dish of salmon and vodka tagliatelle and wolf down a bowlful - obviously not contaminated by the fish and pasta
Poppy's crab linguine with chilli and baby leaf salad and lime (pounds 9) was an over-generous bowlful and very creamy and nicely cooked.
Strawberry syrup by the bowlful (it's not the quality of sugar I enjoy; it's the quantity)