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Throughout our discussions with Honda of Bowie ownership, I have been extremely impressed with their innovative management, highly-motivated team and very profitable business.
Detectives had not been able to construct a strong enough case to prosecute Bowie at that stage.
I was told not to worry as Bowie loves the mask and wants to buy them.
The 54-year-old singer was enlisted as the main support act on Bowie's 1995 European tour but quit later blaming Bowie for trying to overshadow his performances.
Advanced Rehab & Healthcare Center of Bowie wishes all of its staff, employees, and their loved ones a happy and healthy new year.
My mum looked like the lovechild of him and Marc Bolan for a good chunk of the Seventies so it would be more than my life's worth, but I can't help think that the reason Bowie came top has more than a little to do with the fact that he is alive and singing whereas it's long since been ashes to ashes (sorry) for most of the other historical figures.
Simon said: "I have known for a few years David Bowie was a Viz reader, but to know he has included it in his top 100 reads is even better.
David Bowie Is Happening Now will be broadcast direct from the museum to cinemas across the country as part of the grand finale to the exhibition.
A room whose wall bears the legend DAVID BOWIE IS .
Naturally the Catholic League is offended by Bowie playing a Christ-like character with Oldman playing a priest and features plenty of images of the clergy consorting with scantily-clad women.
Mr Hudson has been telling us why he loves David Bowie and what we can expect from his own new album.
For diehard Bowie fans (including myself), we thought the Thin White Duke was close to death.